“Unmasking The Religious Spirit,” Pastor Derek Maneval, Sunday, August 5, 2018 a.m.

“Jesus wants to come to everybody’s house. It’s time that the church, and people of the church, that we no longer remain in the place of comfort, and expect to ask people to come out of their world and come into our world, but we take God’s world into their world.

You see, in God’s eyes, there’s really no separation. Love does not divide; love wants to reach everyone.”

Matthew 9:9-13 NLT
Hosea 6:6 NLT
Matthew 20:1-16 NLT
Matthew 20:20-28 NLT
John 9:1-5 Msg
Luke 19:10 NLT

Referenced/Related Scriptures:
James 1:27 NLT
Matthew 20:17-35 NLT
Luke 14:1-14 TPT

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Pastor Derek Maneval- “Unmasking the Religious Spirit”

Note: Due to technical difficulties, today’s sermon was unable to stream through Facebook Live correctly. Audio from the sermon will be posted on our Soundcloud page soon.

A team from the church is going this week to serve at the Dream Center in Los Angeles. Please pray for the team’s safety and that the Lord will work through them in a mighty way.

FLWC Bulletin for August 5, 2018 (PDF)