“The Comfort Zone: Friend Or Foe?” Pastor Derek Maneval, Sunday, November 19, 2017 a.m.

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“There’s something that God has given you—there’s an assignment He’s given you—and it may be something that you think is one of the littlest things, but it’s not little to God . . . it’s a big deal. Because He knows every part that can be used for His Kingdom and His glory.”

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“All About Love,” Pastor Jerry Davis, Sunday, February 12, 2017 a.m.

Pastor Jerry Davis shows us that we need to expand our understanding of how we love others, most especially those in this world whom we may view as unlovable. Pastor Derek Maneval ends with a prayer for God to stir our hearts to love more compassionately.

(Audio note: An 8-minute video clip was omitted from this audio track due to potential copyright issues. The clip was originally posted on the Facebook page of Pastor Jim Cymbala of Brooklyn Tabernacle, and was part of his Jan. 1, 2017 message, “A Better New Year.”)

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